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Burst! Zhejiang Wenling fudelong shoe factory burst into flames,
From: Dongguan Xie Ying Textile Co., Ltd. Post date: 2018-05-10

Today (January 11th) at 10:20 in the morning, Wenling fudelon shoe industry Co., Ltd., a factory building because of gas cutting three floor ceiling advertising board led to the top floor heat insulation board fire, at 10:27 receive police.

It is said that there is a gas canned point next to it.

Someone was trapped on the roof and saved by fire

After firefighters fighting, 11:50 has been extinguished, the third floor of the roof overheated area of about 300 square meters, other main building did not overshoot.

After jumping from the third floor to the two building bicycle shed, the workers were immediately sent to the Taizhou Hospital of Bone Fracture for inspection. In addition to the light injuries to the forehead, the vital signs were stable and the hospital has been observed. All the others on the top of the roof were saved

A small video from the Internet suspected that someone had jumped from the building and had thrown clothes down for verification. Staff again on-site verification, no other casualties.

At the end of the year, fire is frequent. Please pay attention to it.

And a week ago:
The Russian news agency reported on January 4th that Novosibirsk emergency bureau sources told reporters that a fire in a new west side of a warehouse caused 7 Chinese people to be killed.

"8 people were killed in the fire, 7 of them were Chinese citizens and 1 were Kyrgyzstan citizens," the source said. According to Itar news agency, 10 bodies have been found at the scene of the fire.

One cold and cruel tragedy tells us that learning a little knowledge of escape is essential.

Key points:
How to escape the fire scene?

Characteristics of fire in high-rise buildings

First, there are many ways to spread pyrotechnics, which are prone to "chimney effect".

Two. It is difficult to evacuate, and it is easy to cause casualties.

Three, glass curtain wall is easy to cause casualties.

Four. Many hidden dangers of fire risk

Escape strategy

First, remember not to panic, and keep calm. Quickly judge dangerous locations and safety locations, and try to make use of all available conditions to evacuate dangerous areas as quickly as possible.

Two, make good use of the channel, and do not enter the elevator. In the high-rise building, the power supply system of the elevator can be cut off at any time in the fire or caused by the deformation of the elevator caused by the heat of the elevator. The elevator shaft is trapped in the elevator, and the elevator well is like a through chimney through the floors, and the toxic smoke directly threatens the lives of the trapped people.

Three, simple protection, nose. The smoke is lighter than the air and floats on the upper part. Close to the surface, evacuation is the best way to avoid smoke inhalation and filtrate poisonous gas.

Four, slow down to escape, slippery rope self rescue. If the safe passage has been blocked and the rescuers can't arrive in time, the residents below the third floor can quickly use the simple life rope of the rope, the sheets, the curtains, the clothes and so on.

Five, if the escape line in the fire escape staircase is cut off, then we should try to get to the refuge layer and wait for rescue. By calling the 119 report, we must not jump blindly.








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