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Alas! Raw materials giants are starting to raise prices again.
From: Dongguan Xie Ying Textile Co., Ltd. Post date: 2018-05-10

Recently, BASF issued a notice announcing that the price of TDI rose. The details are as follows: the Basf Inc will raise a price of $0.10 / pound for all Lupranate's TDI products from February 1, 2018 or other contracts.

It is understood that as the prices of polyol raw materials rise, BASF group will increase the price of all Pluracol mellow products, up to $0.09 / pound, about 1270 yuan per ton, and the new price will come into effect from February 1, 2018, or under the circumstances of the contract.

The increase in product prices may come from cost pressure or demand balance, indicating that these two products have cost transfer or price increase under the global supply demand. The increase in prices is likely to bring about an increase in profits of related products.

DowChemical Company will increase the price of products in the United States market: VORANOL, VORALUX, SPECFLEX, VORASURF and so on, up to $0.07 / pound, about 1000 yuan / tonne of RMB, and the new price will come into force in the case of contract permission from February 1, 2018.

The Swiss company announced the increase in the price of all the color masterbatch and mixed ingredients with titanium dioxide, carbon black, pigment, dyestuff and a number of additives in February 1st, up to 8%.

Hanson chemical (Hexion) announced that it will increase the price of all epoxy and bisphenol A in North America. The latest price will be implemented in February 1, 2018 or as stipulated in the contract. The price adjustment is mainly driven by the rising cost of important raw materials. All other sales terms and conditions remain unchanged.

Lanxess, a chemical company, announced that the price of Macrolex and Ceres brand solvent dye products will increase by 20% worldwide and become effective immediately.

Lansheng said that the price adjustment will mainly affect the solvent dyes in plastic manufacturing and automotive industry. Affected by rising raw material prices and environmental, health, safety and maintenance costs, the price increase is imperative.








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