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After stealing from Jinjiang, did the North shoes have new anxieties?
From: Dongguan Xie Ying Textile Co., Ltd. Post date: 2018-05-10

The three towns belong to Anxin County, Baoding City, Hebei Province, located on the west side of Xiong an New District, and less than 150 kilometers away from Tiananmen. According to the official media reports and public data, three towns now have 3000 shoes, 500 million pairs of shoes, 20 billion of the annual output value, and 30 thousand of the population, and nearly 150 thousand migrant workers are employed in the local shoe production line.

Three has a history of shoe making as long as Jinjiang, but compared with the long known national brand and the exclusive store, three shoes lurk in the northern wholesale market for a long time, compared to the Jinjiang in 90s.

After 2008, the industry downturn brought radical Jinjiang shoe enterprises into a collective dilemma, but let the conservative three see opportunities. Some owners began to take the opportunity to expand their scale and upgrade their brands. At the same time, equipment dealers, migrant workers and R & D teams came to the top. Even in Jinjiang's frustrated shoe executives, the haze group came to seek new development.

The establishment of the new area has brought a difficult opportunity for the development of the entire economy for a thousand years, and also contributed to the transformation and upgrading of the three shoes, but the pressure is also coming.

"If we say that the first three cars were driven by oxcart and Jinjiang was flying, now we can say that we have caught up with the high-speed rail and are catching up." A local shoemaking owner made a full sense of his speech, but he was soon in silence. "Whether the new area can be summed up as a backward production shoemaking industry is now the confusion of all three bosses."


If the sneaker growth of Jinjiang sports shoes originates from the imitation of ADI Nike, the three sneakers begin with "stealing the teacher" in Jinjiang.

After 2000, the old equipment that was eliminated from Fujian gradually entered three units. The original three shoe factories which were originally made by hand have been produced in the production line, and the output and quality have been greatly improved. Although the first-line brand from Jinjiang is still out of reach, Jinjiang's small and medium-sized shoe companies now feel the threat from three.

Three counter attacks
Since 2010, as long as we can afford the price, three sets have been able to buy shoes equipment and original design in the market with Jinjiang through regular way, and the space barrier has been completely broken. At the same time, the domestic shoe industry is in the downturn, and the Jinjiang shoe enterprises which rely on the rapid expansion of capital operation in the early stage have fallen into the collective predicament.

In the eyes of the three bosses, this once worshipped learning example has become a negative textbook.

"I have studied the shoes of del Hui, and the quality is good. They are bankrupt." Liu Quansheng believes that the loss of the focus of entrepreneurship is the decisive factor for the decline of Jinjiang shoe enterprises, and the spirit of professionalism is the three largest advantage.

The brand breakthroughs and industrial upgrading will be included in the next step, and a consensus has been reached among three well developed shoe manufacturers.
In 2016, Tianhong (837702.OC) landed on the new three board and became the first shoe enterprise of the three first electric shock capital market. At the same time, it invited Zhao Liying to speak for its brand name. In January this year, three largest producers of shoes, signed Zhao Zhongxiang as the spokesperson for the old brand of old shoes.

"Before only know the shoes do well, do not know marketing, the future must be big, make the brand, the development of e-commerce and store mode, but the speed can not be too fast, the product should be able to keep pace.

"Liu Quansheng believes that three shoe factories have already tied up the domestic line brand, but he also acknowledges that three shoes are still all behind, compared with the first line brands like Anta. Despite the invitation to star endorsements, the three bosses still have psychological lines in advertising.

Liu Quansheng didn't want to ask for celebrity endorsement for a while. He wanted to make some products again, which he expected would take three to five years.

The Fukien of the North drift

Technology, design, examples, lessons, Jinjiang "fall", talent has become the last fortune they left to the three.
After 2010, the upgrading and transformation of the three parts of the shoe factory began to start in succession. After the expansion of the scale, the management mode of the family as a unit was unsustainable. So, a large number of Jinjiang shoe executives were dug to three by high salary as the last jigsaw puzzle. Now, 90% of the three shoe manufacturers with two production lines are from Fujian.

"The treatment given here is 30% higher than that in Jinjiang." Ding Wei is a native founder, engaged in the shoe industry for 23 years, has served two listed footwear enterprises in Jinjiang, and is currently the general manager of a large scale shoe company in three - "Jinjiang's shrinking and three expansion", making him decide five years ago to the north.

Ding Wei was mentally prepared for the gap between the two places, but the difficulty of his work came as a surprise to him when he arrived at the three stage. "Workers fight a small fight every day, three days a dozen," he just spent a year trying to solve the problem of fighting. "Workshop is not standardized, quality is not standardized, process is not standardized, management is not standardized." Ding Wei said that only three of the business management standards were at least fifteen years behind Jinjiang.

"I almost know the executives of del and Hyde dragon, and their boss is not going to make money with shoes, do real estate, stir fry stock, and want to make money with money." In spite of the low start of the three sets and the absence of a broadened eye in Fujian, the boss was more stable and pragmatic, as well as his full cooperation and thirst for his work, so that Ding Wei was so flattered that he insisted on staying.

After five years of training, Ding Wei's factory has now been on the right track in all aspects, and production and sales are saturated. "To tell you the truth, I think three stations have surpassed Jinjiang. There is no difference between quality and technology. The style is updated and the production speed is faster." The three shoe industry that had been out of fifteen years is growing faster than Ding Wei expected.

"Of course, surpassing only refers to Jinjiang to do the same level market shoes enterprises, to make Anta as a win-win line brand in the factory market, is a systematic project, from the boss thinking to the full capacity, all need a great promotion, I feel that three sets of ten years will not have such a business." For a moment, Ding Wei added.

In Jinjiang, bosses usually ask for a 30% to 50% increase in performance, but in three, the growth rate of 10% will be very satisfying to the boss.

Relocation is the threshold for three bosses to go ahead.

After the establishment of the Xiong an new area, the local shoe factory has not received any clear official attitude about the three shoe industry. As the outsider, they can only get sporadic information from the network.

In the second half of last year, the industrial parks of the counties and cities around Xiong an have come to three merchants. Zhang Guoxiang has already inspected several places. Recently, he first went to Gucheng County of Hengshui in the early January of this year. The policy given by the county government is that the bank first gave him a loan to buy the land, thirty thousand pieces of one mu, and the other construction Park is unified planning, first silver Advance payment is made, and the company will start paying again after entering.

However, every industrial park requires the size of the industrial chain, which means that only the unified planning of the two governments can rely on the unified planning. One can not make any decision. On the other hand, he must pay money to buy the land first. In case it does not move, he has to carry a vacant land.

"At present, there are at least five shoe related industry associations in three."  The owner of a local shoe company said that at the beginning of last year, there was only one loose Industry Association in the three sets, where there was a disagreement, and several big shoes took the lead.

In the direction of relocation, there were Shijiazhuang Gaoyi faction, Hengshui Gucheng faction and Dingzhou faction, while Gaoyi and Dingzhou, Anxin county government sent personnel to attend. "As long as the county is not clear, no one will act rashly." The shoe company boss said.

Liu Quansheng has already prepared for huge losses compared with Zhang Guoxiang. "There is no evidence of the five hundred thousand and one mu." Because of the inability to allocate professional land like the south, three shoe factories can only occupy the cultivated land for the expansion of production. The 20 mu land he bought in the previous year, "even if the compensation is not much money".

In the three stage, like Liu Quansheng, buying different sizes of land, there are still many shoe enterprises ready to expand the scale of enterprises.

"Industrial upgrading in the new area is a good thing, I will stay in accordance with the requirements of the policy, if we have to achieve a certain standard of access and investment to continue to do business, I will not give up, a person can not do the partnership." Zhang Guoxiang said his only hope now is to implement the policy quickly.








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