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At last, Putian shoes began to doubt themselves.
From: Dongguan Xie Ying Textile Co., Ltd. Post date: 2018-05-10

For many years
Whenever I buy a shoe
There is always a mystery that puzzles me:
This pair of shoes I bought
Is it true or false?

When the time goes through the shoes
It's also very durable.
I was even more anxious.

The quality is so good
Is not the fake shoes produced in Putian?

As early as a dozen years ago
Putian has been shocked by the world.

It was still in 2007
New York police from Broolyn's two warehouse
Nearly 300 thousand pairs of fake Nike were seized
The market price is more than 31 million dollars
A journalist from the New York Times
Even for a long time
Come to China to investigate the matter
Finally found
All these fake Nike come from this magical place.
Putian, Fujian

There are so many fake shoes in Putian in the United States
Not to mention China

In general, it's the feeling -

Putian, it's a small place
But this once - known small city
But there's a big dream.

The dream of Putian
It is to make the whole world wear famous brand!

The Anfu electric mall is the most prosperous place in Putian
90% of the fake shoes on the market
Will be shipped here at night

Take this Anfu electric mall as the center
Around all the fake shoes related industries
There are thousands of shoe factories making shoes here
Tens of thousands of shops become transfer stations
Hundreds of thousands of net armies are doing micro business to open a shop
One night's amount of trade
You can reach 2 hundred million

And the people of Putian seem to be natural speculators
They're working on real shoes
Get the brand's shoes
Get the technique of making shoes
And started buying and selling fake shoes

Over time, these fake shoes
It has even formed its own system of counterfeiting.
And even a shoe world's disdain chain
In a simple way, it is

End of the original factory:
An unwanted raw material made from a original factory
Original factory imitation:
The original plant found its own material and made it with the same line.
High imitation:
Imitation of other manufacturers

So these shoes of different grades are like boats.
Drifting to the whole of China
Left to all Chinese people a mystery:
The shoes I bought
Is it true or false?

So a group of people came out to save the living
This is the great God of shoe test
Young men who love shoes in the early years
Every time heavy gold bought his beloved boots
Will go to the tiger and ask all the gods to check the goods
"See if my boots are 24K foot gold."

At the time of a treasure
A fake shoe just started
Putian's big shoemaking
It has just been repaired to the first floor
It's easy to be seen by the tiger.

But it doesn't come to mind.
In the face of the question of the tiger
Putian was humbly accepted
And more exaggerated
Putian also follows the leadership of the tiger
To be true to your own shoes
Make corrections and perfected
To today
A fake shoe that has already made a pure hand.

So that those who once had sharp eyed tiger pounced on the gods.
Can't tell the true or false of the shoes any more
Can only leave a sentence with ambiguity
"I can only guarantee that the mark is true."

It has already become a standard tiger verifying
Has been smashed by Putian's fake shoes

Hey, you have the ability to sell fake shoes
You don't have the ability to sell fake shoes abroad.

Many people hold the idea of "I'm really TM wit."
Start choosing the sea and looking for a purchase
As a matter of fact, the sea was just rising.
It still works
It's just that the times are developing
Putian is also making progress

Of course, Putian people will not go abroad to sell fake shoes
How expensive to go abroad, SEI is not stupid

It was last May
Pear video exposes the industrial chain of forgery in Putian
Fake shoe factory collusion express company
Change the shipping address to
Shanghai, Shenzhen, even the United States, Southeast Asia
That means, even if you are out of the sea
Confirmed the phone in the United States
Shipping address in the United States
In fact, the shoes you receive
Or from Putian

At last you stopped struggling
Since the Internet is not reliable
I went to the boutique and bought it well
But you can't imagine that this river has long been the province of Putian.

According to the Putian people
10 years ago, the Ardi Nike store in the North
It's all opened by the people of Putian

So Adidas and Nike found
Look at the regular flow of water
You can't sell a few pairs of shoes at all
Send someone down to find out
Their store
It's all sold in Putian

Because of the overuse of fake shoes
In recent years, the news of domestic fake shoes has emerged in an endless stream

But it's weird
The more the fake shoes are exposed
The better the business is.

A reporter visited Putian at the beginning of last year
When the material was taken, it was unwittingly photographed
The phone number on the boss' s billboard
It turned out that the news was exposed.
The boss's WeChat also exploded
The storefront was exposed as a scandal
But instantly become a free ad

Yes, it's just a fake.
I can't find a local store in Putian
The news exposure of Putian fake, can still have a fake!

And the boss himself was exposed to the exposure
I don't care at all
He said lightly
He has 10 stores in Putian
Exposing one family is also a little fun

Putian shoes are in short supply
Besides cheap
It also comes from their amazing "strength":
Many fake shoes customers think
The quality of Putian's fake shoes is better than true shoes

And the quality of some brand shoes
Even better than a fake shoe

This has even become a joke circulating on the Internet.
The method of distinguishing true and false VANS
If the glue is not open
It must be false VANS

This, of course, is just a passage.
But the meaning behind this paragraph
But it caused me to think.
And it's a bit heartache

Because this is a statement
Our fake shoe processing plant
In fact, it's completely capable
Making excellent shoes
Their quality
Be able to keep pace with the brand
Even beyond the brand

So why
Without our own national brand rise?

It's not easy to do your own brand
But after the formation of the brand
You have your own intellectual property
It's no longer "fake"
This and the Shanzhai's shoes
The profits are not the same.

Such a simple truth
Don't you see Putian, don't you?
If you say a two fake shoe boss
Only pay attention to the immediate interests and no foresight
That's normal.
But the shoe industry is so big
There are so many people in China
Don't anyone have a vision?

Until today
Our aesthetic
It seems to remain in the backwardness of the era
Still immersed in the worship of foreign countries
And our admiration for foreign brands

The direct result is
Homemade brands are unmanned
And fall into a dead cycle
The same quality - no one buys -
There is no money to do - the quality is worse -
No one buys - brand disappears

One of the almost ironic facts is that
In a foreign view
The image of "made in China" is actively changing
"Made in China" and "Chinese design"
Only in the eyes of the Chinese
It's a bad pronoun

Maybe it's because
We've been kneeling for a long time in front of a foreign brand
I can't even believe it.
We have become so strong ourselves.

Why are there so many people
It is clear that the home made is better than the foreign country
But still want to buy a foreign brand?

Why are there so many people
Complaining that China has no independent brand
One side did not know the domestic brand at all
Only two words of "import"
I think it must be better?

Businessmen are always driven by market interests
In the face of a big market environment of worshipping the foreign country
Chinese businessmen
Maybe you can only choose to go to the Shanzhai
There are even Chinese businessmen
spare no effort
Packaging yourself into a fake foreign brand

When we criticize the fake shoe industry in Putian
Perhaps the same should be rethought
It's the one that makes up the market for the foreign language.

I hope one day
Chinese people are no longer "discriminating" domestic brands
Domestic brands can be treated fairly
To be able to go to a fair market environment
With all your efforts
Compete with the ability

That day
It's the Chinese Homemade shoes
The time of rebirth








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