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On the first day of the assault, we shut down
From: Dongguan Xie Ying Textile Co., Ltd. Post date: 2018-05-10

The day before yesterday (March 6th), the Wenling Hengfeng footwear renovation work group was divided into 6 groups to carry on the carpet inspection to the shoemaking enterprises of the 27 villages in the street, which strengthened the potential of the first action of the shoemaking and promotion of the assault month.

In the Hengfeng Street stone stabs village, the city's Hengfeng shoe industry renovation work group commandment a group of personnel in dada family's child shoes factory, and seized 650 pairs of Nike's child shoes on the spot. The staff of Hengfeng market supervision office will be investigated and dealt with immediately.
In the day of inspection, the staff found that, through the pre - stage propaganda, the West Bank area of the street of the street, the original rental house run shoes factory places have taken the initiative.

According to the preliminary statistics, the first day of action, the 6 shoemaking group checked 311 shoe industry enterprises and shoe auxiliary processing workshops. Among them, 115 unlicensed shoes factories were shut down, more than 850 pairs of brand name shoes and more than 100 pairs of shoes were seized, and 9 families were ordered to be demolished by themselves, and 1 people who had been privately ripped out of the seal had been summoned to create a good renovation atmosphere. Circumference.
At the same time, the Hengfeng comprehensive administrative law enforcement squadron and the city "two violation" regulation in the local key section of the cross stone road, the illegal buildings involved in the shoe industry to be dismantled, ordered the landlord to demolished the time limit.

In addition, the shoes industry enterprises and shoe auxiliary processing workshops which may be hidden through closing, upstairs, basement, night or "factory factory" may appear in the process of regulation, and the Wenling shoe industry regulation office will pass the official WeChat public number of "Wenling shoe industry release" and the director electronic mailbox (wlsxy)., accept the relevant reports from the masses.








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