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Is a batch of processing plants in Huidong extorting regular shoe factories?
From: Dongguan Xie Ying Textile Co., Ltd. Post date: 2018-05-10

 "It is often heard that some people say: Huidong shoe industry is not useful, thousands of shoe factories can not compare to a flat sea power plant. It also brings safety production and contradictions and disputes, making it good for itself.

This statement is not comprehensive.

"At the three session of the Ten Session of the Huidong County Political Consultative Conference, Dai Shaofeng, the committee member of the county Political Consultative Conference, called on the Huidong footwear industry to provide 250 thousand direct employment opportunities, and there are other indirect posts, such as e-commerce, catering and accommodation, and the Huidong shoe industry can not" live and die "in the county. As a "life-saving elixir" to catch up, and promote the development of shoe enterprises.

Latest phenomenon
Unlicensed underground shoe factory

"Identify the pain point, suit the remedy to the case, and promote the shoe industry in Huidong to get out of the predicament." At the three session of the Ten Session of the CPPCC in Huidong, Dai Shaofeng's speeches directly exposed 5 new phenomena in the footwear industry in Huidong, and many members listened carefully.

The 5 new phenomena are:

The signs of industrial cluster transfer show, the profit space is getting smaller and smaller, the difficulty of recruiting workers is still prominent, the shoe owners face the embarrassment of fault, and the policy help is still insufficient.

In the transfer of industrial clusters, Dai Shaofeng, who is also operating the shoe industry, revealed that low land prices and labor in the middle and western regions of China have a strong attraction to Huidong shoes, and the industrial clusters have shown signs of transfer to Henan, Hunan, Jiangxi and other places.

At the same time, the footwear industry of some provinces and cities around Dongguan and Zhongshan has been developing rapidly, and constantly squeezing the international and domestic markets of Huidong shoe enterprises.

It's hard to recruit!!!
Formal shoe factory

In the difficulty of recruiting workers, the environment of clothing and food and accommodation in Huidong is poor, the leisure life is monotonous, and the shoe industry personnel who can stay in Huidong for a long time are very few, which leads to the weak strength of the enterprise technical team, and the independent innovation and product development ability of the enterprises are not strong.
Talent is hard to recruit and talent is hard to remain the biggest worry for Huidong footwear industry, especially for large shoe enterprises. Dai Shaofeng said, "since last year, a number of towns have appeared unlicensed underground processing plants in succession, monopolized by means of drawing close hands and bidding up prices, extorting regular shoe factories, causing a fatal impact on the shoemaking industry in a difficult position."

A shoe owner who is not willing to be a big pressure mountain

In the main fault of the shoe industry, Dai Shaofeng introduced that the old shoe owners in Huidong were retiring, while most of the younger generation wanted to find a easy job, and they did not want to be the boss of the big shoes.

At present, the shoe industry of the whole county is basically a group of forty years old and young people who are struggling to support and facing the awkward situation of no successor.

The loss of the mainstream of the shoe industry should also be paid attention to. When some bosses face the predicament, they fantasies about "taking off disaster" overnight and put valuable liquidity into the risky social financing. Once the capital chain breaks, it is immediately plunged into financial difficulties, even "Yankee" or escape salary, becoming social unstable factors.








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